Who we are..

We are a bunch of dedicated audio enthusiasts with tremendous amounts of energy, excitement and passion! We are in the business of helping you to create and put together sound systems for your home! To create a sound experience of your life, at a price that won't break the bank.

Our mission

Digital Revolution wants to improve the lives of our customers! By supplying and installing systems that entertain in such a way that they battle to distinguish between realities and make believe... When enjoying a movie or a show, or simply enjoying a good piece of music, our customers must for a moment escape from the rut of life... Our true product then is ultimately to create enjoyment, entertainment and “goose bumps”!

The Team

Friendly staff are available to advise, demonstrate and guide you through the home entertainment jungle in one of our demonstration rooms. once you have purchased you system, our installation experts are fully trained to provide a prompt reliable and professional service.

Our Shop

When you visit us for the first time, you will sense that it is a special place, created by special people, doing what they do in the best possible way to create an awesome experience! Our shop is one of the few in the country that can boast five dedicated demonstration rooms. This means that you can sit in luxury and comfort to experience a system before you purchase. You should never just buy boxes...We will definitely be able to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. If a product doesn't work properly it's expensive. If it does what you need it do, it's the right price.


What we’ll do for you...

Determining the right system and right price needs expert help. We are Hi-Fi, LCD and Home-theatre specialists who promise to give you expert advice. We are only one hour's drive from Pretoria. It will be worth your while to take a drive to Rustenburg, to come and visit our shop.
We also provide a service of visiting your home to evaluate the space, interior, floor covering and furniture, which influences the final performance of your system. Taking all this into consideration, together we can make an informed decision as to which system will suit your requirements best.

What makes Digital Revolution special?

Digital Revolution is not a “box moving” business like the big mass store retailers around us. We see the work we do at Digital Revolution in a different light. We are not here to sell “stuff”. We are here to help our customers experience life to a fuller degree! We have dedicated ourselves to get engaged with our customers...

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The Digital Revolution Story

Founder Craig Barrett visited family in Rustenburg 11 years ago. He was immersed and thoroughly entertained while listening to the Bee Gees DVD “One night only” on the families’ proper theatre system. That night the “Hi-Fi” bug bit him and he knew he’d never listen to music the same way...
He pondered afterwards about the fact that so many people were missing this type of entertainment in their homes...

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Back-up and assistance

In a time when it feels that the earth is spinning faster and faster, we do not want to over promise and under deliver! But it is a fact that even with the best intentions we sometimes do not get to everything..! When it comes to our customers, it is our aim to take care of each and every customer so that you will feel special and cared for. That every sales person will follow up on each and every job that he does. To find out afterwards if your needs were met and if we surpassed our promises!! We don’t want to just do once off jobs for our clients, but we want to make them fans for life!! We do occasionally get it wrong, but please be assured that we are here to see how we could possibly make your interaction and experience with Digital Revolution one to remember in a positive light! Please let us know per mail if we have not fulfilled your full expectations!

Please contact Christo directly if you need assistance!