How many times are we asked by our customers, “How much Watt’s does this amp have?”

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What is the big fuss about great sound?

In short, it is the carrier of goose bumps! Think about it for a minute...

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The Room

Your home theatre or entertainment centre is one wonderful room with all the delights it offers. A home entertainment centre extends a tad bit beyond your conventional TV room. Here you create a whole new visual experience, a place to escape the world. Let’s help you open up the doors to your personal theatre.



Front projectors are currently the king of the image makers for home theatre!. A flat panel TV screen size will never be able to give the correct illusion because of the importance of size!

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What is Ambience and why is it important?

The difference between conventional two channel stereo and home theater is that stereo can only hint at ambience while a properly set up home theater system can really envelope you in far more. This is one of the major reasons that a proper set up is important! . 

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Why cables matter

You've come to Digital Revolution, so we already know you're passionate about movies and music – about getting the best visual and audio entertainment technology. So why would you sell yourself short with substandard picture quality and sound that could be easily and cheaply fixed?

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What makes a sound system special?

Sound Systems used to be high on the list of people’s purchasing priorities. For many people it still is, but for a great many others it ranks down the list somewhere between a microwave oven and a couch. Many people confuse mass market rack systems or discount store stereos with real hi-fi.

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The importance of the installation

What is the use if you've bought a Porsche and you only drive it up and down the driveway...
Only once your equipment is properly installed, integrated and calibrated, will the sum exceed the parts.

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