The Beauty of Home Theatre

The Amplifier

Many customers often inquire about the wattage of an amplifier, assuming it is the sole determinant of its quality and performance. However, this can be a misleading and confusing factor. One may find 100W amplifiers with vastly different prices, such as one priced at R2999 and another at R30,000. Clearly, they are not the same, and this raises questions about the power rating's true significance. To distinguish between high-quality amplifiers and inferior ones, several aspects need consideration. Firstly, one should inquire about the current rating and the frequency at which the watt rating was measured—whether it was at 1kHz or across the full audio spectrum of 20Hz to 20kHz. Additionally, it is crucial to ascertain if the measurement was continuous or based on peak values for short intervals. Furthermore, understanding whether the wattage measurement was specific to the main outputs or all channels and if the channels were driven simultaneously is essential. Another crucial factor is the level of distortion at 100W. Is it 0.1% or an even lower value like 0.01%? Merely producing a 100W rating for a brief moment at 1kHz is relatively easy, even for low-quality amplifiers. Therefore, when a salesperson claims their house brand is 100W, it is important to be skeptical and recognize the potential exaggeration. Now, let's delve into the significance of high current design in amplifiers. Many manufacturers mention it, but few truly deliver on this promise. The concept of "high current" is vital because numerous modern speakers pose a challenge for amplifiers. Although these speakers may sound excellent, they place a significant strain on an amplifier's ability to maximize their performance. High current amplifiers can effectively drive these demanding speakers, whereas low current designs fall short. The reason behind this lies in the fact that engineers design amplifiers with a specific load or resistance in mind, which in the case of amplifiers is the loudspeaker.

The Purpose of Sound

What's the big deal about achieving great sound? In simple terms, it's the catalyst for experiencing those exhilarating moments that send shivers down our spines. Take a moment to ponder on this... Conduct a quick experiment: Watch one of your favorite movie scenes with the sound turned off halfway. What remains? Just the visual aspect, which may be outstanding, but it lacks the immersive impact you anticipated. Now, replay the same scene, but this time turn off the picture. What's left? Undoubtedly, it's the soundtrack comprising dialogue, effects, and music. Surprisingly, even without the visual component, the soundtrack captivates us in a way that images alone cannot. Sound triggers our emotional responses and transports us into the scene, even in the absence of visual cues. Numerous factors contribute to this phenomenon, underscoring the vital importance of sound quality in a good home theater system. That's precisely why we, at Digital Revolution, emphasize allocating at least 70% of your budget to the sound component. When we invest a substantial amount like R65,000 on the "latest" and "flattest" screen, but only allocate R10,000 to sound, we've got our priorities wrong. The result? No goosebumps, meneer!

The Room

Your home theatre or entertainment centre is one wonderful room with all the delights it offers. A home entertainment centre extends a tad bit beyond your conventional TV room. Here you create a whole new visual experience, a place to escape the world. Let’s help you open up the doors to your personal theatre.


Front projectors are currently the king of the image makers for home theatre!. A flat panel TV screen size will never be able to give the correct illusion because of the importance of size!


The difference between conventional two channel stereo and home theater is that stereo can only hint at ambience while a properly set up home theater system can really envelope you in far more. This is one of the major reasons that a proper set up is important!


You've come to Digital Revolution, so we already know you're passionate about movies and music – about getting the best visual and audio entertainment technology. So why would you sell yourself short with substandard picture quality and sound that could be easily and cheaply fixed?

What Makes Sound Special

Sound systems used to be high on the list of people’s purchasing priorities. For many people it still is, but for a great many others it ranks down the list somewhere between a microwave oven and a couch. Many people confuse mass market rack systems or discount store stereos with real hi-fi. A real hi-fi system brings the benefits of the world of music into your life like nothing else can. A good system will help you relax, stimulate your imagination, and help educate your children. People with really good systems listen to them all the time. They also attend more live musical performances and enjoy a wider variety of music. Our goal here at Digital Revolution is to make music more fun for you to listen to at home – to make music a more important part of your life.

The Importance of the Installation

What is the use if you've bought a Porsche and you only drive it up and down the driveway... Only once your equipment is properly installed, integrated and calibrated, will the sum exceed the parts.